Summer School

Techniques for shaping and welding steel and aluminium alloy panels. Making patterns, jigs and tooling to replicate original panels

training Description

Stage 2 – Construction

Five-day course covering the techniques involved in forming and welding mild steel and aluminium alloy. Making patterns, jigs and tooling to accurately replicate original panels.

You will learn to: –

  • Shape a double-curvature panel using a mallet and block
  • Smooth the shaped panel using a hammer and dolly
  • Refine shape and smooth panels using the wheeling machine
  • Use a wheeling machine to create a double-curvature panel
  • Flange & wire the edges of panels
  • TIG butt-weld mild steel and aluminium sheet without using a filler rod
  • MIG and resistance spot weld mild steel sheet
  • Anneal aluminium alloy sheet
  • Take an accurate profile from the original bodywork
  • Make a pattern to accurately reproduce an original panel
  • Develop a pattern for a double-curvature panel
  • Construct jigs to aid reproduction of double-curvature panels
  • Use tooling to replicate original pressed detail
  • Form a repair section that is a precise fit to the original panel

A comprehensive manual of the course content is included

There is an opportunity to explore Brooklands Museum during the course

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