Stage 1 – Foundation

Fundamental techniques of vehicle panelwork

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    Stage 1 – Foundation

    Three-day course covering the fundamental principles of vehicle panelwork giving you the techniques and confidence to tackle repair work and form double-curvature panels.

    You will learn to : –

    • Shape double-curvature panel using a mallet and block
    • Smooth double curvature panel using hammer and dolly
    • Refine shape and smooth panels using the wheeling machine
    • Flange & wire edges of panels
    • Butt-weld steel sheet, without filler rod, using a TIG welder
    • MIG and resistance spot weld
    • Anneal and weld aluminium alloy sheet

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    24-26 January, 22-24 March, 23-25 May, 12-14 July, 26-28 September,