• Student feedback

Student feedback

Ex-forces students

Amazing course, I think I have found what I am on this planet for, thank you.

Simon Lewis

Excellent course, great instruction from real professionals – thank you.

Denis Mckee

An outstanding training package. delivered extremely competently by an expert in his field. An excellent mix of theory and practical hands-on-training. Help and advice readily given throughout and every question answered in an easil understood way. Well illustrated handouts provided along with all necessary materials and equipment. In sum, some of the best training I have undertaken in 36 years.

Paul Hudson

International students

It’s the best I have done so far.

Soren Jansson

UK students

It was very well taught - I particularly liked the way the day was broken into 20 minute segments so I moved onto different tasks regularly. I liked the fact that I was taught in such a small group with lots of 1-1 time with the tutors. It was a good learning environment - good equipment provided. The accommodation was great and very convenient.

Lee Taylor

All in all from an employer perspective, it was great value for money. We can see a massive improvement in Lee's skills already and other team members are also benefiting - Lee is able to pass on what he has learnt.

Employers view on Lee Taylors Stage 1 course. Earley Engineering Limited.

Thank you very much for the work experience. It was really enjoyable and has helped the practical side of Engineering at school, My hand skills have improved a lot! Everyone is jealous and wishes they had the chance to work with you. I've also just received the 2 certificates and am going to show them to my engineering teacher to see if they can count towards my BTEC. I've just started applying for part time jobs so I can buy tools to work on my car and the motorbike I've just bought.

Matt Dawson – work experience

Learned far more than I thought I could in a week.

Chris Beaumont

Wish I had come years ago.

Graham Dean