• Student feedback

Student feedback

Ex-forces students

Amazing course, I think I have found what I am on this planet for, thank you.

Simon Lewis

Excellent course, great instruction from real professionals – thank you.

Denis Mckee

Fantastic course, flew by far too quickly and I could have stayed for a month.

Peter Smith

International students

It’s the best I have done so far.

Soren Jansson

UK students

It was very well taught - I particularly liked the way the day was broken into 20 minute segments so I moved onto different tasks regularly. I liked the fact that I was taught in such a small group with lots of 1-1 time with the tutors. It was a good learning environment - good equipment provided. The accommodation was great and very convenient.

Lee Taylor

All in all from an employer perspective, it was great value for money. We can see a massive improvement in Lee's skills already and other team members are also benefiting - Lee is able to pass on what he has learnt.

Employers view on Lee Taylors Stage 1 course. Earley Engineering Limited.

Thank you very much for the work experience. It was really enjoyable and has helped the practical side of Engineering at school, My hand skills have improved a lot! Everyone is jealous and wishes they had the chance to work with you. I've also just received the 2 certificates and am going to show them to my engineering teacher to see if they can count towards my BTEC. I've just started applying for part time jobs so I can buy tools to work on my car and the motorbike I've just bought.

Matt Dawson – work experience

Learned far more than I thought I could in a week.

Chris Beaumont

Wish I had come years ago.

Graham Dean